Add DMARC record to existing domains in DirectAdmin

DMARC is built on top of two existing mechanisms, Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM). It allows the administrative owner of a domain to publish a policy on which mechanism (DKIM, SPF or both) is employed when sending email from that domain and how the receiver should deal with failures. Additionally, it… Read More »

Email filter for DirectAdmin Message System

DirectAdmin uses the Message System to inform server administrators about various subjects. For example if the server load is too high or if the backup has failed or succeeded. However there is no filter in the Message System, resulting in all messages being send to the server administrator bij email. If you manage a lot… Read More »

mySQL remote access hosts with CSF firewall

DirectAdmin offers the mySQL remote access hosts functionality where you can add remote IP addresses that may have access to your database. This also requires that port TCP 3306 is opened in the firewall of your server, else connection is still not possible. Normally you would open port TCP 3306 in your firewall from all… Read More »

Smokeping targets for Europe and rest of the world 2017

It is hard to find a good list of Smokeping targets to add to your smokeping, so here is our targetlist. This list covers the most countries in Europe with multiple targets per country and some targets in big countries in other continents.


CloudVPS Objectstore FTP proxy firewall rules for CSF

In the recent past CloudVPS had one Objectstore FTP proxy located under which only required port 20 and port 21 to be opened in the firewall. Since the load of the proxy was getting higher and higher CloudVPS upgraded their platform with (currently) four FTP backend servers, and became a loadbalancer. This means… Read More »

DirectAdmin backup to CloudVPS Objectstore with CURL v2

We use the CloudVPS Objectstore to store data in a redundant (3 times) and cheap way, ideal for backups. One of the main disadvantages is that files on the Objectstore may not be larger than 5 GB in size. To workaround this we created a customized ftp_upload.php script (= bash script that handles the upload… Read More »

SpamExperts advanced filtering with DirectAdmin

SpamExperts got a couple of example configurations in their knowledgebase for using SpamExperts as a smarthost (outgoing email filtering) and to accept only mail from the SpamExperts servers to avoid bypassing the SpamExperts filters (incoming email filtering). The knowledgebase articles are: For outgoing filtering using a smarthost: For incoming filtering: We improved these… Read More »

Force SpamAssassin spamfilter for external forwarders

Users like to forward email from emailaccounts under their own domain to their personal emailaccount at Hotmail, Google or other thirth party emailproviders. The current techniques does not handle forwarding spam very well, meaning that incoming spam is handled by your server and routed to the thirth party provider. The receiving provider thinks that you… Read More »

W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP 7.0.9

In addition to our previous article W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7 a couple of new fixes are necessary after updating to PHP version 7.0.9. The PHP errors are (together with a white screen of death):

This can be fixed by editting the following files:

Such that:


W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7

W3 Total Cache is a great plugin to speed up your WordPress website. It will make the difference between a server that is crashing under its load when serving 70 requests per seconds to being almost bored when serving 1200 requests per seconds. However: to make the W3 Total Cache plugin functional on a PHP7… Read More »