Monthly Archives: February 2016

Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42

After migrating one of our vCenter servers to another cluster and changing the IP address of the backup interface, the vCenter server service hung in starting state. Logfile C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs\vpxd.log contains many info, but the most important part was:   [06036 error ‘][SSO][SsoFactory_CreateFacade] Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42, mismatched tag. [06036… Read More »

DirectAdmin backup to CloudVPS Objectstore with CURL

A new version of this script is released at: Please use the new version for better compatibility with DirectAdmin backup. We use the CloudVPS Objectstore to store data in a redundant (3 times) and cheap way, ideal for backups. One of the main disadvantages is that files on the Objectstore may not be larger… Read More »

Use Cloudfuse with CloudVPS internal objectstore url

We use the CloudVPS objectstore to store data in a redundant and cheap way. Cloudfuse enables us to mount an objectstore container as a disk in Linux, this way we can store, for example, images from a large image site on the objectstore and mount the objectstore container as the images folder in the public_html… Read More »