Monthly Archives: January 2017

CloudVPS Objectstore FTP proxy firewall rules for CSF

In the recent past CloudVPS had one Objectstore FTP proxy located under which only required port 20 and port 21 to be opened in the firewall. Since the load of the proxy was getting higher and higher CloudVPS upgraded their platform with (currently) four FTP backend servers, and became a loadbalancer. This means… Read More »

DirectAdmin backup to CloudVPS Objectstore with CURL v2

We use the CloudVPS Objectstore to store data in a redundant (3 times) and cheap way, ideal for backups. One of the main disadvantages is that files on the Objectstore may not be larger than 5 GB in size. To workaround this we created a customized ftp_upload.php script (= bash script that handles the upload… Read More »