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Smokeping targets for Europe and rest of the world 2017

It is hard to find a good list of Smokeping targets to add to your smokeping, so here is our targetlist. This list covers the most countries in Europe with multiple targets per country and some targets in big countries in other continents.


CloudVPS Objectstore FTP proxy firewall rules for CSF

In the recent past CloudVPS had one Objectstore FTP proxy located under which only required port 20 and port 21 to be opened in the firewall. Since the load of the proxy was getting higher and higher CloudVPS upgraded their platform with (currently) four FTP backend servers, and became a loadbalancer. This means… Read More »

W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP 7.0.9

In addition to our previous article W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7 a couple of new fixes are necessary after updating to PHP version 7.0.9. The PHP errors are (together with a white screen of death):

This can be fixed by editting the following files:

Such that:


W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7

W3 Total Cache is a great plugin to speed up your WordPress website. It will make the difference between a server that is crashing under its load when serving 70 requests per seconds to being almost bored when serving 1200 requests per seconds. However: to make the W3 Total Cache plugin functional on a PHP7… Read More »

Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42

After migrating one of our vCenter servers to another cluster and changing the IP address of the backup interface, the vCenter server service hung in starting state. Logfile C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs\vpxd.log contains many info, but the most important part was:   [06036 error ‘][SSO][SsoFactory_CreateFacade] Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42, mismatched tag. [06036… Read More »

Use Cloudfuse with CloudVPS internal objectstore url

We use the CloudVPS objectstore to store data in a redundant and cheap way. Cloudfuse enables us to mount an objectstore container as a disk in Linux, this way we can store, for example, images from a large image site on the objectstore and mount the objectstore container as the images folder in the public_html… Read More »