CloudLinux Already inside LVE / PHP-FPM child exited with code 70

By | August 21, 2019

The current version of DirectAdmin with up2date CloudLinux and PHP-FPM causes PHP to stop working if CageFS is enabled. All websites go offline because all PHP requests are crashing with the following error:

[18-Aug-2019 14:39:56] NOTICE: [pool xxx] child 815145 started
[18-Aug-2019 14:39:56] WARNING: [pool xxx] child 815027 exited with code 70 after 0.060412 seconds from start
[18-Aug-2019 14:39:56] ERROR: [pool xxx] Already inside LVE: LVE(1037)

If you disable CageFS for a user his website will immediately start working again. Temporary fix was to disable CageFS for all users. The PHP child stops crashing however the error “already inside LVE” keeps popping up.

CloudLinux support investigated the issue and their results are:

The issue is caused by

directive in unit file for php-fpm service. We will report the issue to DirectAdmin developers.

1) edit unit file for php-fpm service. For php-fpm56 you should edit /etc/systemd/system/php-fpm56.service file.
Comment out the following line:

So, it will become

2) Save file
3) Execute:


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