Email filter for DirectAdmin Message System

By | March 2, 2018

DirectAdmin uses the Message System to inform server administrators about various subjects. For example if the server load is too high or if the backup has failed or succeeded. However there is no filter in the Message System, resulting in all messages being send to the server administrator bij email. If you manage a lot of servers this can be quite an amount of emails per day.

We use the following script to process all the emails and only forward the emails we are interested in. We do want to know if a backup has failed, but are not interested in succesful backups.

Configure the Message System to send all emails to a seperate emailaddress (for example, and fill in the details of this emailaccount in the upper part of the script. Within the emailaccount create a folder “Processed” where all processed emails will be moved to. Below the destination folder you can configure which alerts you do want to get forwarded and which alerts can stay unnotified.


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