Force SpamAssassin spamfilter for external forwarders

Users like to forward email from emailaccounts under their own domain to their personal emailaccount at Hotmail, Google or other thirth party emailproviders. The current techniques does not handle forwarding spam very well, meaning that incoming spam is handled by your server and routed to the thirth party provider. The receiving provider thinks that you… Read More »

W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP 7.0.9

In addition to our previous article W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7 a couple of new fixes are necessary after updating to PHP version 7.0.9. The PHP errors are (together with a white screen of death):

This can be fixed by editting the following files:

Such that:


W3 Total Cache plugin with PHP7

W3 Total Cache is a great plugin to speed up your WordPress website. It will make the difference between a server that is crashing under its load when serving 70 requests per seconds to being almost bored when serving 1200 requests per seconds. However: to make the W3 Total Cache plugin functional on a PHP7… Read More »

Segfaults in after upgrading to RHEL/CentOS 6.8

Please be aware of the following bug in RHEL and CentOS 6.8 when using Xen as your Hypervisor. We experienced this issue on a couple of servers after updating CentOS after which some websites were starting to serve “503 Service Unavailable” or “404 Page not found” errors. The website related logfiles didn’t show any issues,… Read More »

WordPress/Joomla/Magento bruteforce server-wide protection with reCAPTCHA

A common way to protect the WordPress wp-admin, Joomla administrator and Magento admin/downloader directories against (automated) bruteforce password attacks is to password protect both directories with Basic Authentication. Webhosting companies could do this on a server-wide base through an Apache configuration that matches all wp-login.php and administrator requests. If a bot, or user, accessed the… Read More »

Mix Office365 Exchange and IMAP/POP3

Email for a domainname can only be delivered at one location (our Exchange Online emailaccounts or emailaccounts hosted in our webhosting product) since MX records are domain specific and cannot be different depending on the emailaddress (doh ;-)). To avoid complicated setups we prefer to use only one kind of email within a domainname, either… Read More »

Office365 hide emailaccount in addresslist

If you are hosting multiple domainnames with emailaccounts within an Office365 Exchange account, each emailaccount can see all other emailaddresses through the “all users” addresslist. This is a nice future if the domainnames belong to one organization but it isn’t if the domainnames belong to different organizations. To avoid this you can disable the visibility… Read More »

Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42

After migrating one of our vCenter servers to another cluster and changing the IP address of the backup interface, the vCenter server service hung in starting state. Logfile C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\Logs\vpxd.log contains many info, but the most important part was:   [06036 error ‘][SSO][SsoFactory_CreateFacade] Unable to create SSO facade: at line number 42, mismatched tag. [06036… Read More »

DirectAdmin backup to CloudVPS Objectstore with CURL

A new version of this script is released at: Please use the new version for better compatibility with DirectAdmin backup. We use the CloudVPS Objectstore to store data in a redundant (3 times) and cheap way, ideal for backups. One of the main disadvantages is that files on the Objectstore may not be larger… Read More »

Use Cloudfuse with CloudVPS internal objectstore url

We use the CloudVPS objectstore to store data in a redundant and cheap way. Cloudfuse enables us to mount an objectstore container as a disk in Linux, this way we can store, for example, images from a large image site on the objectstore and mount the objectstore container as the images folder in the public_html… Read More »